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pledgemusic campaign now live!

Our PledgeMusic campaign is now live and running. This campaign will be running until 11th February and will be financing our debut album due to be released early June 2018.
You can help us by purchasing our presales items, or just by cimple donations or even just by sharing the page and spreading the word! Every help will be greatly appreciated and we simply can't wait to release our album!


big sale on our webstore!

To celebrate 2018, we are having a big sale on most of our merchandising exclusiviely on our webstore! You can save up to 50%! Go and visit our webstore for moe info.



pledge party gig!

We will be hosting a pledge party gig in London (The Lounge) on 08/02/18 which will be free for every pledgers! We are pleased to share the stage with the amazing Joanovarc!
To get your presales tickets, go on our webstore.
To redeem your pledger's free entrance, please email us at